Born and raised in a sunny seaside town in the south of England I decided to come to Toronto in search of adventure and certainly found it. Six months later I married my wonderful husband and now live in Caledon Village, Ontario.


Photography and traveling are my two favourite things and I'm fortunate to be able to combine them in my career. My work has taken me across Canada, to Europe including back to England as well as the Caribbean. I hope to keep exploring the world through my lens! 


People always ask me what I like photographing the most, which is difficult for me to answer because I love it all. Preferring a more natural style, I capture real moments and photograph without intruding.  


As an accredited photojournalist, I have covered many red carpet and celebrity events, my work has been published internationally. 


A bit of random info on me. Watching F1 is a passion my husband and I share but we root for opposing teams. Indian food is my favourite cuisine which isn't so odd seeing as though curry considered one of England's national dishes. I hide my British chocolate around the house so nobody else eats it. I love photographing abandoned places but always forget my flashlight! I'm proud to be British but love living in Canada.

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